Common things about INTJs

intj-explained submission from comicsuns:

Well, these are some things I noticed about INTJs like me.

1. We are well organized, how ever. We have a horrible habit of starting something and leaving it unfinished to take up something else once we’ve gotten bored of it.

2. We are an excellent judge of character. We can easily identify if you’re just wasting our time or if you’re genuinely interested on the issue.

3. We do not like small talks. When we instigate a conversation, it’s normally a prompt and an indirect question.

4. INTJs are somewhat similar to INTP.

5. INTJs are kind of “the every personality type”.

this is due to the fact that we are the only personality type that can combine both realism and imagination.

thus, we may seem like we are every other personality types.

-personal note, i feel like an INTJ being involved in a relationship displays personality traits of an ENFJ.

also, an INTJ at work seems like an ISTP who has the “can do” attitude.

6. INTJs easily get bored of people, If we’re not fond of you, we have no problems letting go of you.

7. Despite the fact that we seem cold hearted and un-affectionate, we are the most sensitive and affectionate personality type, we just dont know how to express our selves.

So often, instead telling you how we feel, we do things for you and we expect nothing back from it but acknowledgement and gratitude.

8. INTJs has high standards and expectations of people, we apply our standards and expectations to our selves as well, often if we fail to meet our own standards we would feel like a hypocrite.

9. INTJs are elitist snobs, always keep that in mind. Whenever we meet someone new, we would always analyze what kind of a person you are.

to how much intellectual capability you have.

your ability to rationalize.

your ability to cope up with heavy emotions(if you’re a stoic person or not)

to what are your goals in life.

10. Almost all INTJs(or any INT types for that matter) has a personality mask. This is because we know for a fact that we would have a hard time establishing relationships with our colleagues, friends, school mates and what not if we displayed our INTJ personality type.

I feel like the best way to deal with an INTJ is…

1. Be direct and straight forward.

2. Be polite.

3. Remain objective.

4. Accept the response, gratefully whether its a yes or no and then do what ever it is that needs to be done.


"Hello, good afternoon/morning, I need this…. because…"

you cant just say…

"I need this"

or you’d get into a lot of problems with us.

we demand a valid reason for an action to occur.

Some of these I absolutely identify with. #1, for instance, is something I consider to be one of my greatest flaws. However, I would have to firmly deny that we are the only type capable of mixing realism and imagination. I’d say most N types are more than capable of this (and S types as well, to a lesser extent). Perhaps INTJs are better equipped to commit such things to words than other types, but even then, I’m not sure.

I also don’t think we’re necessarily the most sensitive or affectionate. It’s hard to determine something like that when everyone, regardless of type, displays affection differently and to different people. An ENFP, for instance, might be flirty with everyone they’re friendly with, while an INTJ might only show affection to their SO. However, I would concede that perhaps an INTJ loves more DEEPLY than most types tend to. Our love is narrow and deep where the love of others tends to be a bit broader and shallower on average. We love a few people very profoundly, rather than loving several people decently.

Apart from those quibbles, I’d say you’re spot on.

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