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post/97609608925 I feel the same way. I have a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and HATE IT. I don't want to spend my days in a pharmacy, it drives me insane!!! I know I'm INTJ and I can't bring myself to feel comfortable dealing with customers. Is it to late to pursue another degree? Like Physics?

So long as you draw breath, it’s never too late. When I was working on my BFA, I actually knew a middle aged mother of three who worked two jobs and still (successfully) pursued a degree in biology, even if she did almost fall asleep with her face in her insect collection a few times.

Never give up on the things you love, and never give up on yourselves.

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I'm curious as to what other intj's do for a living? I'm am about to complete a masters degree in December and am regretting my choice more and more each day. I'm wishing my life away and that's not how I want to live.

I’m a graphic designer. I spend most of my day zoning out while I format customer supplied files for print.

My INTJ brother is the IT guy at a corporate office. My INTJ dad is the parts manager at my uncle’s tractor repair company.

Role Call?

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When I was in highschool and we talked about things, such as the current book report, I used to explain my rational approach and state that I deemed some highly emotional actions of the characters as thoughtless and stupid (hey, I was young and unaware). And then I got called "heartless", a lot; which actually hurt because I have the bloody thing and it feels with the intensity of a thousand suns, I just don't let that rule me and nobody ever understood that. Later I discovered i'm an INTJ.

Sounds about right. Thank you for sharing!

On An Anomaly

I’m an 18-year-old intj/intp/possible sociopath. Since an early age, I’ve felt emotionally numb (although I attribute this to taking ADHD meds since I was tiny) and have been a social engineer since 6th grade. At this point, I sometimes feel like I’ve transcended the mask, even though the rest of the time I alternate between feeling like a liar and an alien. Since I’ve been a social engineer for so long, I’ve had a tough choices to make about manipulating people, although I don’t care enough about any selfish ends to make it come true. I also tend to see negatively manipulative people for who they truly are, and the simple fallacies that everyone else falls for. I’m labelled pansexual, even though I simply don’t care about physical body and instead am attracted to people who pique my interest or “click”. (I won’t lie, I still find people attractive). Most people think that I’m usually “down”, even though I’m perfectly content, and that I’m giving them the death glare >.> I’m constantly craving that one intimate connection with a person, probably because all of my good friends just left for college, despite the fact that I tend to dislike people.

I just want to say that even though you do have a big part to play in “does it get better?”,

You aren’t alone. <3

You aren’t a sociopath, my friend. That much is self evident, unless you’ve tailored your submission to mislead, in which case I doubt you would claim possible sociopathy.

The word you might be looking for regarding your sexuality may be “demisexual,” meaning sexual interest only occurs if the person interests you emotionally (or, I posit, intellectually). You may be both pansexual and demisexual. Or, you may simply be an asexual romantic (or aromantic who just wants strong platonic relationships!). Not that any of it matters. Do what suits you.

All in all, you sound fairly normal for a young, immature (and please take that for what it is, not as an insult) INTP or INTJ.

Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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I can't figure out if I am an INTJ or an INTP... I mean, I did many tests, and the result was almost always INTJ. And it's obvious to me that I'm an INTJ because I like to have things settled, I always have a to-do list and I find comfort in schedules. However, once I read both the INTJ and the INTP profiles, I see myself more like an INTP. My question is: is it possible to be an INTJ with INTP's functions?

If you have an INTPs functions, you are an INTP. Functions make the type, just as genes make the species. Type does not, however, dictate or describe every aspect of a person’s personality and behavior.

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Hello! I keep reading that INTJ tend to have high self steeme and a lot of self confidence in their knowledge and abilities. But, could there be INTJ with low self steeme and poor self confidence? My sister is an INTJ, but definitely doesn't share that trait, and she often wonders whether she is actually one or not. Thank you so much for your time.

Absolutely. I think a lot of this perception has to do with the fact that, generally and statistically speaking, every type is most often described by people who do not have that personality type. We are described the way we are perceived, which does not necessarily align with our own purposes and thought processes.

INTJs are confident in their knowledge base. We are aware of the things we know, and the things we don’t know, and many of us will readily divulge any of this information (or lack thereof) when asked, making us seem confident in general. And yet, it requires no confidence in oneself to look at evidence and facts. There is no faith involved, just acknowledgment of reality.

An INTJ’s confidence in their’s knowledge draws from logic. Confidence in oneself draws largely from emotion. Two different beasts entirely, and I’m afraid the latter is not something we’re famously good at.

With any luck, your sister will grow into herself as a person, whether she is an INTJ or not. It’s something that comes more easily with every passing year, I think, as one’s peers tend to turn more inwards to matters of work and family instead of judging each other.

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So I took the test, and got INTJ. Which explains a lot, but also left me somewhat pannicking because "what the fuck do i do now with this?" xD I mean, reading things on the ineternet I even found some people that say that INTJ is actually something along the lines of mild asperger. My question is: how true is that? Thank you!

People on the autism spectrum may be more likely to present as an INTJ because of how the condition affects personality development and behavior. Being an INTJ does not make you more likely to potentially have Asperger’s or a related condition, however, or mean that you do have the condition. Different people may have the same personality traits for different reasons, some psychological, some physiological.

My INTJ brother insists he and I must sit somewhere on the autism spectrum because of this sort of reasoning, although he’s not into MBTI so he doesn’t know how to put it into these words exactly. Me, I think we’re neurotypical, but atypical.

In short- some INTJs may be autistic, and perhaps a larger percentage, than, say, ENFP autistics, but not all autistic people are INTJs, and not all INTJs are autistic.

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I just have a question about a guy I know, who basically is the embodiment of every post on INTJs I've ever seen. I myself am INFP. He's absolutely amazing. It took him a while to warm up to me, and we met because we are in the same friend group. One day we were on a run alone together, separated from the group, and started talking. We have a tone of similar interests, and have book recommendations. we have been talking a lot, and have plenty of inside jokes. What are INTJ signs of crushes?

I have never had a crush in my life. I don’t know if this is normal for INTJs. I’m quite aware it’s plain unusual in general, though.

My brother, also an INTJ, might have had a few crushes on girls at school when we were younger, but that might have just been young lust. I can’t remember him actually talking about how he liked a girl’s personality or interests, just her looks.

Lust I know well. Crushes, hm. But at the end of the day, what is a crush? By definition it is ephemeral, and generally the object of the crush can never be had by the beholder anyway. As I understand it, it’s the love of love, the love of an idea of a person, and not a true affection and appreciation of them.

That’s not to say I’m not romantic, nor that other INTJs aren’t. I’m simply uncertain if our brains are wired correctly to really facilitate a crush, and not just a vague liking. Perhaps we’re just too innately practical. I mean, I vaguely like several of my male friends. I would probably go out with them if they were so inclined. Am I swooning over them, though, and does my heart beat wildly at the thought of them, and can I only envision myself in a relationship with them? Not at all. (And for the record, I’ve never been able to envision myself in a relationship at all. Take it how you will.)

It certainly sounds like he likes you, though. He wouldn’t volunteer his time for you if he didn’t. And really, crushes come and go, and the puppy dog affection quickly becomes tiring for everybody involved. It’s not the basis for any healthy relationship, I think, to dote so much and know each other so little. No, I think what you have is better than that, more solid.

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I've met allot of new people at college. We exchanged numbers but now they keep blowing up my phone! As an INTJ, I'm very protective of my free time. How can I be pleasent with them, but make them leave me alone? To clarify they message me multiple times a day..

That’s awesome, anon! It can sometimes be hard to make connections at college, and it’s great that you’ve been mingling.

Just be polite, and treat it as a raincheck instead of a flat-out rejection. “Hey man, I’m sorry, but I’m worn out. I need some me time. I’ll catch you later though, alright?”

You get the solitude you need, and they get the verification that a. you would like to spend time with them but b. you can’t and it isn’t their fault. Plus, you’re being completely honest.

If the constant texting and calling is wearing you out just hearing your phone, keep it on vibrate. People generally get the message after their calls keep going to voicemail It’s a little less polite, but then, calling somebody incessantly isn’t what I would call polite either.

I think it’s also worth considering that when people first go into a foreign environment where they don’t know anybody, they tend to latch onto a few people like drowning sailors cling to flotsam until they make friends of actual substance. The friends you make right away at college (generally, I find, roommates/floormates) often aren’t the friends that stick around- these are the ones you make later, through your classes or extracurriculars.

In the beginning, it’s less about having a genuine friendship than having somebody you can hang out with just to anchor yourself until you grow more comfortable. That’s been my observation, anyway.