Anonymous asked:

Do you drive? I'm an INTJ and I have a thing about driving - it's something I definitely want to do, but a tiny little bit of fear is holding me back from driving on my own, something that someone without a high school education can do. You know, driving = moving fast = sensory info overload. I'm afraid this will cause an accident. Other than gradual desensitization, got any advice to make an INTJ feel more like an EXXX about it?

As a resident of the American Midwest, driving is pretty much mandatory to live as a functional human being, so, yes. Stuff behind the cut.

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What happened.

I recently had something of a minor existential breakdown, or experienced the beginning of a big one that I managed to ward off before it got too bad. As a result, I became largely absent from tumblr in general for several days, for my own mental health. Then I had a business conference to attend, which took up the better part of a week.

This means everything got put on hold, from answering questions to working on selecting a new moderator. I apologize, but I wasn’t going to rush the process and pick somebody while under duress and make them deal with the blog while I was off trying to recover some semblance of control in my life. I thought it would be better to let the blog be quiet for a week or two rather than put myself and the new moderator through unnecessary stress.

I will hopefully be back in force after this week, depending on a few situations I’m still dealing with. I will also be looking at the moderator applications again to refresh my memory and hopefully bring somebody on staff.

To those who stood by for the past weeks, I appreciate your patience. To those who sent rather obnoxious asks demanding the blog be more active again, I ask that you view this as a learning opportunity. Take what you can get, but understand that you are owed nothing.

Anonymous asked:

I am an INTJ, and my friend and I went out in public the other day, and I kept seeing the same people everywhere. Like, everywhere (Granted we were at an amusement park but still it was very large). Is it common for an INTJ to have very good facial recognition? Or are we the most paranoid type? Or is it just me?

I’m face blind, so I don’t really know? I don’t think we’re overly paranoid, though, just observant when we choose to be. Opinions, readers?

commelesable asked:

Met a guy at a party. His mother (didntmeet her)&I have a similar, rare interest so we hit it off &talked a bit; not excessively. I messaged him on facebook &we interacted a bit via messages before the line of conversation drifted and quit. (He lives three hours away so it's not like I see him often.) Now I hear he's going to send me a handwritten note asking me to prom. I went to prom with a girl (friend) last year &she ditched me. I don't really know him/bamboozled how to respond. I'm an INTJ.

Eh, just go for it. Worst that can happen is you dress all fancy and eat fancy food on your own.

I didn’t go to my own senior prom or post-prom; my grandma’s funeral was the same day. I did go to my cousin’s prom, though (she begged me), with a friend of hers I had only ever met once. He came down with the flu and was sick through the whole day. He ended up puking everywhere and had to leave prom about 15 minutes in, leaving me stuck in downtown Chicago with absolutely nobody I knew, since my cousin had sort of abandoned me to party hard on the dance floor. I mostly just hung out on the balcony enjoying the view of the lakefront. Post-prom was on a cruise ship on the lake, and I pretty much just ate finger food the whole time and waited for it to end.

Now, that’s kind of worst-case scenario, and I didn’t have the time of my life, but it wasn’t absolutely terrible. I doubt anything so dramatic will happen at this prom, and if you and the guy get along, why not? It doesn’t have to lead to anything. Enjoy the dress and the food, I say.

visceralghost asked:

What do you say to people who believe MBTI is false and a waste of time because psychology doesn't believe in it?

I think that’s about as silly as saying the Dewey Decimal System or taxonomic keys are false. People aren’t forced like square pegs through round holes in MBTI, but rather are classified based on how they already are. All MBTI does is organize and deconstruct in ways that make different groupings of people easier to understand, the same way examining and giving scientific names to new species helps us understand where they lie in relation to other species, or the way the DDS organizes books by subject and author so we can navigate more easily.

MBTI is a tool, not a philosophy, and therefore can’t really be wrong, per se, only misused and misunderstood.